Heaven Skincare USA's Signature Bee Venom Mask: How the Venom is Obtained August 24 2013, 92 Comments



"Heaven's Beauty Range that features Bee Venom along with natural ingredients and organic formulas are not the alternative to botulinum toxin (Botox), but the answer! Turn to and trust nature, with a helping hand from Heaven." – Deborah Mitchell         

Heaven’s premiere world-renowned Bee Venom Mask has truly taken the beauty industry by storm as a natural alternative to botulinum toxin type a injections (Botox). The active ingredient is based on the bioactive bee venom compounds, with the bee venom derived from inducing bees to sting, but with no harm to the honey bee. The compounds in the bee venom stimulate the skin by smoothing out wrinkles and reinvigorating tired cells to give the skin a more even, and more radiant complexion. The skin is "naturally stimulated" into releasing natural collagen and elastin as a natural defense to the active compounds, helping to calm, tighten and rejuvenate the skin. 

Heaven Bee Venom Mask

In fact, Heaven Skincare by Deborah Mitchell is actually helping to safeguard the bee population! Due to the technique in the way the venom is obtained, which is an entirely harmless process, the bees live longer and are more productive!  How is this done?  Bee which land near their organic hives on a glass collecting plates, can react to a very slight electrical pulse, and thus are “stimulated” into delivering their reactive and protective sting.  However, unlike an actual typical bee sting,  where the lance or "stinger" is left behind in the stinging episode... in the case of this collection process the bee's lance is not detached from their body, however the minute amount of bee venom fluid is left behind on the glass collecting plate.
Researchers have shown, that in this physical process of releasing the stored bee venom (but without losing by ripping away the lance or stinger) that in fact this process PROLONGS the life and the vitality of these honey bees and thus energize their colonies. 
Heaven Skincare has raised over $75,000 for bee conservation, has donated over $30,000 to The Prince's Trust (Prince Charles), which is a non-profit organization keen on developing healthier, more organic, more life enhancing projects, and has funded myriad other community project, charitable organizations, and is always willing to lend a helping hand in any outreach program.
All Heaven Skincare products are all natural, organic, paraben free, and made with Love.  The signature Bee Venom Mask won the prestigious GOLD AWARD at the 2012 Stevie International Business Awards in New York City.  Heaven Skincare products are used by Kate Middleton and many others in the British Royal Family, Victoria Beckham and other entertainment celebrities, personalities and actors like Gwyneth Paltrow and Dannii Minogue, Real Housewives of Miami star Ana Quincoces, and a very long list of satisfied customers that Heaven Skincare has helped put on a "glowing face" going forward.
Important Tips: While a reaction to ingredients in the Heaven Skincare Bee Venom Mask is very rare, we do recommend doing a Patch Test first. On a small area of your face, apply a very small amount and massage into your skin and let sit for 15-20 minutes. Note: if a person has a known Bee Sting Allergy please consult your physician.  
Best Results Instructions: In morning, wash and dry massage.  Massage a finger tip amount of Bee Venom Mask cream into the skin, avoiding areas near the eyes or nostrils.  Let sit, then gently wash with warm water after 20-30 minutes.  Before applying makeup, can apply a small amount of Bee Venom Mask and then apply your base foundation and makeup over that application.  At night, after removing makeup and before going to bed, one can again massage a finger tip amount of Bee Venom Mask cream into the skin, avoiding areas near the eyes or nostrils and this can be gently washed after 20-30 minutes, or it can be left on the skin overnight.