Skin Diary: Oily Skin January 13 2014, 5 Comments

Hello Angels!

Since my first skin diary I have received many emails asking advice on what products to use for different skin conditions. Oily Skin seems to be the hot topic this week, so here it goes! One of the hardest problems with having oily skin is that it is a hormonal problem, and unless you’re Rihanna no one is actively trying to shine bright like a diamond.  Caring for your oily face is no walk in the park, and I personally often struggle with excess oil on my face even an hour or two after my morning cleansing routine. No fears, I am going to give you a few quick tips using some of my favorite Heaven products to clean up the oil!

Alex xx


I cannot stress how important cleansing is in your daily skincare routine. The cleansing process is essential to clean off existing oil on the skin. Using our Cleanse and Tone wash I apply between a half a pump to a pump of this lightweight gel all over my face. The active ingredients include Mandarin Essential Oil that works as an exfoliator and collagen booster and takes off all the dirt and grime.  This cleanser is natural and will not irritate or trigger the skin to produce more oils. After application wash off with warm water.

Step 2: Toner- The step that everyone forgets!

For oily skin, toner is key! Most people skip the toner process and it is one of the most important parts of your skincare routine because it removes excess cleanser, balances skin’s pH levels, moisturizes and adds a layer of protection to the skin. I use Heaven’s Peppermint Clarifying lotion especially designed for those with oily skin it is a treatment toner that normalizes oil secretions, refines pores and balances the pH of the skin with peppermint and lavender water. Apply using a cotton wool on T-zone or all over face using fingertips.

Step 3: Moisturizer is a Must

People with oily skin tend to shy away from moisturizer because they believe it will make their skin more oily. The truth is you NEED to moisturize to keep your skin look its best and stay hydrated. I use the Youthful Moisturizer because it contains Ylang Ylang known for its oil balancing properties. I apply this generously all over my face in the morning and before I go to bed.

Step 4: Ella Saves the Day

If after following this routine in the morning and nighttime you still find your skin is oily throughout the day there is nothing better than the Ella Jane Celebrity Skin Wipes. I never leave the house without them- they are literally a lifesaver for those of you with oily skin. These wipes are all natural made with organic cotton and have apple pectin, honey and organic peppermint that cleanse and exfoliate without irritating the skin. The peppermint specifically works to target and reduce oil production on the skin.