Skin Diary: My Battle with Rosacea December 04 2013, 0 Comments

“You’re so rosy, you look like a little cherub”

As a man, and someone that works for a skincare company that is not something I want to hear. I have struggled with rosacea my entire life. If you are unfamiliar with Rosacea it is a chronic condition characterized by facial redness and often unsightly acne.  During my years of research I have come across numerous celebrities that also have Rosacea including Diane Kruger, Bill Clinton and Mariah Carey- so let’s just say I’m in good company. 

I am lucky enough to not have severe Rosacea but still am flush enough to get people asking if I feel sick or worse if I had too much to drink- if it’s 3 p.m. I am working, I’m not in Margaritaville!

I have sought numerous treatments for my redness including multiple trips to the dermatologist and hundreds of unsuccessful skincare products. I have considered a dermatological laser treatment but something about that idea completely freaks me out.

When I started working for Heaven and using the products I finally found products that worked for my Rosacea. People will assume that I am just saying this because I work for the company, but I don’t write anything about products that I don’t 100% back and believe in. 

When I began working I was referred the Rosacea kit by my boss after we did my skin analysis. The kit includes a 15ml of the Age Defiance Cream (a Heaven bestseller), a 25ml of the double strength Skin Polish Exfoliator, 25ml of the Limited Edition Cleanser and 25ml of the Chamomile Desensitizing lotion.

I first use the Limited Edition cleanser to rid my skin of any excess debris (i.e. the “daily dirt”). This cleanser contains organic ylang ylang and coconut oils that not only cleanse the face but act to balance hormones in your face. I apply this generously with my fingertips all over my face but you can also apply it with the Heaven Ella Jane Celebrity skin wipes. I normally let the cleaner sit on my face for minute and the wash it off with warm water. This is more of an introductory step that balances the skin’s surface and allows the next steps to work more effectively on a clean face palate.

My next step is to apply the double strength Skin Polish exfoliator. This exfoliator uses glycolic acid and other organic ingredients which works to boost the immunity of the skin and lighten and even skin pigmentation- perfect for my redness. I apply this after the cleanser and then immediately wash off with warm water. 

Warning: depending on the sensitivity of you skin the skin polish exfoliator can get intense in the double and triple strength formulas- we like to think of it as the least expensive chemical peel you will ever receive! The more you use this product the more your skin will get used to it.

I next apply the Age Defiance cream using my ring finger to smooth and plump the skin. Even though I am in my mid twenties I still use this cream because it adds and retains a great amount of moisture on the face and is light enough to wear out during the day without looking oily or greasy. Age Defiance works to fight Rosacea by balancing out the blotchy red spots on the skin. 

Last, but certainly not least a light spritzing of the Chamomile Desensitizing Lotion. I love the would spritzing, there is nothing better than being able to spritz something on your face and go- the ultimate in low maintenance skincare. Using organic chamomile, rose and witch hazel this lotion works to reduce irritation and with acne and redness on the skin’s surface. 

After my easy four step process my skin feels cleansed and refreshed, but more importantly there is a visible reduction in the red pigmentation. My skin once blotchy and red is now even toned and balanced. 

If you have rosacea or you just want to pretend you’re rosy (I see you Mariah super fans) I urge you to buy the Rosacea kit- you are sure to be impressed and see excellent results. If you have any questions or blog post suggestions feel free to email me at!


"We can't change the past, but we can change the way you look in the future"

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